There are a lot of things to use Lemon Oil furniture polish on. I have discovered over the years by experimenting with it that it can be very useful in many different ways.

To begin with, lemon oil is fantastic on it’s intended targeted purpose, which is cleaning and protecting wood furniture. It will give just about any kind of wood a gorgeous shining appearance. It keeps the wood well-nourished and protects it from getting dried out, as well as replacing the lost moisture is wood that is older. It actually penetrates the wood and acts as a sort of finish.

To keep wooden furniture in good condition it is essential to polish it at regular intervals, preferably once every three to four months. Some people prefer to do it a bit less, however I have found that keeping the furniture in it’s best possible condition, it is best to polish it several times every year.

When picking a good brand of lemon oil, look closely at the ingredients on the label. Avoid anything that has any kind of wax, silicon, or solvents as these will damage your wood. Some of the brands out there now have sunscreen as one of the ingredients. This is a good idea for keeping your wood from fading from its original color.

When you polish your wood, put just a dab on a soft smooth cloth and put it lightly onto the surface of your furniture. Rub very gently as to not damage it.

On areas that are extremely soiled, spray a very small amount of lemon oil on the surface before you spray other cleaners on it. Lemon oil can also be useful when used on surfaces including fiberglass, glass, marble, wood that is painted and plastic surfaces that have laminate on them. The lemon oil on these types of surfaces will help the dirt loosen up. With the cleaning solution that is sprayed on top of it you will find that it is a lot easier to clean than just the cleaning solution alone. The dirt will come right off, and it will protect these surfaces as well.

Cleaning appliances with lemon oil

If you are cleaning fiberglass in this way it is best to rinse it very well to get off any excess oil that is left after cleaning and then follow by drying it with a soft cotton cloth with a small dab of lemon oil on it.

When cleaning your house, lemon oil is a wonderful tool to use on other things such as silver, stainless steel and brass. This will keep these things clean for a longer amount of time so you will not have to clean them as often as you would without the lemon oil, and it will give them a brilliant shine. Another thing that I like to use lemon oil on at home is on the surfaces of the dishwasher and microwave. Use only a very small dab on a cotton cloth for these appliances to keep them from getting greasy. A very small amount will go a long way in making them shine.

One last thing that I use lemon oil for is on wooden floors. Again, just a small dab on a soft cotton cloth will go a long way. Rub it over any scuff marks on the floor and the marks will come off like magic!

Lemon oil can be used on a multitude of surfaces and can make just about anything shine, keeping in mind that the key to using lemon oil is to use only a very small dab on whatever surface you use it on.

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