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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days in advance do I have to plan my cleaning?

Usually, we do not need any buffer and you can get cleaning the next day. Depending on the location, however, a wait time of 3 to 5 days could be expected sometimes.

If you send us your request for a quotation, then you can specify up to 2 alternative dates in addition to your desired date. This gives us more flexibility and provides you with the certainty that we can carry out the order in any case.

Do I have to be on site during the cleaning?

For your convenience, you do not have to be present during the cleaning.

The important thing is to let the cleaning team in and provide proper instructions. We have a thorough checklist for every cleaning that we recommend reviewing when the cleaners arrive so that you can communicate anything you’d like us to focus on or if there is anything you would like to add.

We also recommend reviewing the checklist after the cleaning to determine the performance of our team. This will help you to avoid subsequent complaints and ensure that the cleaning result meets your satisfaction.

Do Sona Maids bring the cleaning material?

All cleaning equipment is brought by our cleaning staff for your cleaning.

Our teams are equipped with professional equipment so whether it be a vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths, mops, or squeegees, our teams carry these materials with them.

If you would like us to use your detergents or equipment, that’s not a problem. Please include this in the notes while booking.

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