Nothing smells better than fresh linen out of the laundry machines. But neglecting the cleaning of the washing machine can leave your laundry smelling nasty. By cleaning your machine you are not only getting better smelling laundry but also prolonging the life of the machine.

Cleaning the washing machine is an important task that should be performed occasionally. With our homemade remedies and five easy steps, you can have a clean washing machine that leaves your clothes smelling amazing and keeps the machine healthy.

1. Cleaning the inside of the washing machine with home remedies

The first step is to make a cleaning solution that will remove debris, odors and disinfects the machine. We’ll be using vinegar and baking soda as it does a good job of cleaning your washing machine:

  • ¼ cup of baking powder stirred in a ¼ cup of water
  • 2 cups of brandy or spirit vinegar

First, pour the baking soda solution into the detergent dispenser, don’t worry we’ll get to cleaning this compartment later. Next, you can put the vinegar in the empty drum and set the machine to a normal wash cycle. Use a strong, damp household cloth as soon as the wash cycle is over to remove any residue from inside the machine.

2. Cleaning the outside of your washing machine with home remedies

The smell doesn’t always have to be coming from the inside of the machine so we must clean the outside too. Before we begin make sure to pull out the plug from the electrical socket. You will need the following materials before continuing to other steps:

  • Gloves
  • A bucket
  • Paper towels or cleaning cloths
  • Hot water and 50% brandy or spirit vinegar

Now let us put our gloves on and mix the hot water and vinegar in the bucket, moisten the paper towel or cloth with the water in the bucket and wring it out. Take your time going over the whole machine and hitting all the areas with the wet paper towel or cloth. Give special attention to scrubbing corners where mold likes to stick. Once everything is scrubbed its time for us to use a dry paper towel or cleaning cloth to wipe everything down.

3. Cleaning the washing machine door gasket

Does your washing machine still smell musty? Then let us hit the next area that is known to cause the bad smell in washing machines. Using another moist paper towel or cloth carefully wipe all seals and openings of the gasket and wash off any debris with an extra dose of vinegar solution. Wipe down with another paper towel or cleaning cloth.

4. How to clean the detergent compartment of your washing machine

If the tray of your detergent compartment can be removed then remove it and soak it in warm water with dish washing detergent. Next, we will scrub the area where the tray is held and dry it with a paper towel or cleaning cloth. Make sure to also scrub the tray itself so we remove detergent residue and dirt. We will now dry all the parts we cleaned with a dry paper towel or cleaning cloth and push the tray back into the machine.

5. Keeping your washing machine healthy and clean

The best way to keep your washing machine healthy is to do regular cleaning. With our tips a musty smelling washing machine is a thing of the past:

  • Wipe the machine regularly and clean it thoroughly once a month
  • Make sure to dry after using cleaning solution (especially nooks and crannies)
  • Add two cups of spirit vinegar to the detergent compartment once a month and let the machine run empty

With our cleaning method, you can easily clean your washing machine to prolong its health. Keep odors away and keep your machine sparkling clean with these five simple steps. The best part? Get wonderful smelling clothes after every wash and keep your wallet safe by extending the life of the machine.


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