Take steps to keep your home healthy during the long fall and winter months. Make the big spring cleaning job more manageable and easier in the process!

Follow these 4 simple tips to make your life easier and ensure your home stays healthy during winter:

1. Remove that annoying dust

This is the perfect time to do a thorough dusting of the home. Hit those areas which are often neglected or where dust tends to pile up. Begin by choosing a day you are free to do the dusting.

  • Let’s tackle that dust – get the feather duster and vacuum out we’re going to hit all those areas which are hard to reach like frames, under the furniture, top of the refrigerator and other appliances, and all other areas where dust tends to accumulate over time. Be very careful when moving furniture or using a ladder or stool – safety first!

Once the dust is gone you’ll notice that you and your family can breath easier so your family will thank you!

2. Focus on the kitchen walls and ceiling

Your kitchen takes a lot of abuse throughout the year from mositure and vapors that come with cooking so it is very important to clean the ceiling and walls where grease accumulates over time. Take this time to ensure your kitchen is healthy for use throughout the year.

  • Pour some cleaning solution into a bucket of warm water and ensure it gets a good mixing. Next, dip a cleaning cloth, we recommend a microfiber cloth, into the bucket and start wiping away the walls and ceiling. Take breaks as this can be a tiresome job but is well worth the effort.
  • Don’t forget to put a cover over the appliances and other surfaces that we don’t want to get wet.

3. Take care of the boiler

One thing most of us forget to do is clean the boiler, especially during winter when it puts in the work to keep us warm but builds up dust and dirt in the process.

  • To ensure you and your family are breathing clean air we recommend changing the filter once a month to get the best results. Changing the filter also benefits you by reducing the electricity bill during the winter as it helps the boiler work more efficiently.

4. Thorough cleaning of the floors

One of the hardest thing to do is keeping the floors clean during winter as shoes bring in unwanted elements into the house like salt, mud and snow.

  • Choose a day where you have some free time and there won’t be much activity in your home to do the floor cleaning. Sweep/vacuum first then mop as you usually would.

Having a clean floor ties the whole idea of a clean home together so we recommend first getting a tray to keep shoes in. Ask your family and friends to put their shoes and boots in that tray when they come into the house so that the unwanted snow, salt and mud don’t dirty the floors.

Follow these 4 simple tips to keep your home clean and healthy during the long fall and winter months. They will also make it easier to do the big spring cleaning by leaving you with less things to worry about when it is time.

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